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    Routes and Timetables

Timetable Summary for Visitors

Tourist timetable  2010

A two-page timetable summary with details of the most popular routes used by visitors to Malta. Includes detailed timings where required. Specially produced for this website. In pdf format.

Includes full summer timings for routes 48, 70, 645 and 652 valid from March 29th to October 24th 2010.

Detailed Timetables for individual routes

Unofficial timetables in pdf format compiled for this website from working timetables (and more up to date than the official ATP website). Sources are generally valid as at Spring 2010 but are thought to be mostly unchanged until Arriva take over in July 2011.

Page 01  1/4/6 Valletta - Vittoriosa - Kalkara (includes 2, 14)
Page 02  3 Valletta - Senglea,  8 Valletta - Gudja - Airport
Page 03  10-13 Valletta - Birzebuggia/Hal Far (includes 113, 115)
Page 04  15, 115 Valletta - Santa Lucia
Page 05  17-21 Valletta - Zabbar - Marsaskala/Xghajra (includes 22)
Page 06  27/29/127 Valletta - Zejtun - Marsaxlokk (includes 30)
Page 07  32/34/132 Valletta - Zurrieq (includes 33, 36/39, 367)
Page 08  35 Valletta - Qrendi,  40 Valletta - Attard
Page 09  38/138 Valletta - Wied iz Zurrieq circular
Page 10  41/42 Valletta - Taz Zwejt/Birkirkara (includes 141/2)
Page 11  45/145 Cirkewwa - Valletta (includes 43/44, 245, 475)
Page 12  47/52 Valletta - Ghajn Tuffieha (includes 46)
Page 13  48 Bugibba - Cirkewwa,  645 Sliema - Cirkewwa
Page 14  49/58/59 Bugibba - Valletta (includes 159, 449)
Page 15  55/56 Valletta - Naxxar - Gharghur (includes 59, 159)
Page 16  60/63 Valletta - Sliema Savoy
Page 17  62/64/66/68 Valletta - Sliema - Paceville routes (includes 61, 67, 662, 667, 671)
Page 18  65 Sliema - Rabat,  86 Bugibba - Rabat (includes 165)
Page 19  70 Sliema - Bugibba,  652 Sliema - Ghajn Tuffieha (includes 51)
Page 20  71 Valletta - Birkirkara,  75 Valletta - Mater Dei Hospital (includes 73, 74, 78)
Page 21  80/81/82/84 Valletta - Rabat - Dingli/Mtarfa
Page 22  88 Valletta - Zebbug,  89 Valletta - Siggiewi (includes 87, 867)
Page 23  91 Valletta - Qormi
Page 24  57/157 Valletta - Santa Margherita,  169 Valletta - Swatar,  98/198 Valletta circular
Page 25  427/627 Bugibba - Marsaxlokk
Page 26  University/Mater Dei Routes 110, 300, 350, 450, 560, 580, 675, 800, 810, 890
Page 27  Miscellaneous Routes 5, 16, 50, 53/57/157, 54, 85, 94, 400, 441
Page 28  Special Night Services.
Page 29  Local services: Naxxar circular 154, Sliema circular, Park and Ride

Not yet included: 62-68 will be recompiled to include new route 166 later. Route 69 still has at least one journey Valletta to University? Evening buses Bugibba to Paceville on 167 need to be added. Summer route 499 needs a mention (extra late-evening journeys Bugibba - Valletta).

List of Routes

List of Routes (html version). Also in pdf (4 pages) and Excel (3 pages) versions. UPDATED APRIL 2009

This comprehensive list of routes (originally added February 2009 based on 2008 timings) has been extensively updated following my visit in late March 2009. It includes many odd and unusual workings, with timings where possible.

Spreadsheet of Monday to Friday duties (March 2011)

Strictly for timetable nerds, this 3,700 line Excel spreadsheet tries to show all Monday to Friday duties (or 'items') for Winter 2010-11 (a second tab shows the revisions from 28 March 2011). It is basically work in progress, and there are some outstanding queries, particularly for route 18. One version shows the raw data listed by item number and a second version has the data presorted by route. The latter effectively provides a complete Monday to Friday timetable, and is more up to date than the other timetables on this site. As formatted for printing, it is 46 pages long.

Online Timetables

ATP website  www.atp.com.mt ATP website
In Malta there is no such thing as a definitive comprehensive timetable. However the ATP website does a pretty good job - this is the Public Transport Association (Assocjazzjoni Trasport Pubbliku) which operates the services on behalf of the Government, and which consists of the numerous bus owners (mostly owner drivers). New services tend to get put on the website fairly quickly these days, but timetables for some of the long established services are unfortunately out of date, and there is no way of telling which is which.

Gozo website  www.gozo.gov.mt Gozo website
The link above is to the Gozo Government website, where timetables will be found on a village by village basis. However, a special feature of this Malta by Bus website are specially prepared Gozo timetables shown by route.

Open Top Bus Tours  www.maltasightseeing.com Open Top Tours
The popular South and North Tours run hourly 09.00 - 15.00 from Sliema (10.00 to 13.00 on Sundays), operated by Cancu Supreme. I have prepared a detailed FACTSHEET about the open top tours, including timetables and fares (in pdf format).

Gozo Open Top Bus Tours  www.getyourguide.com
The new open top tour of Gozo started in February 2010. The hop-on hop-off service runs daily and departures are hourly 0930 to 1430 from Mgarr Harbour.

Other Printed Timetables

ATP leaflet

Malta Bus Routes 2009 leaflet
As at March 2010, the official 2009 timetable leaflet was readily available from Valletta and Bugibba bus stations and on board certain buses (some had the 2008 version). It provides a highly summarised list of the routes with very basic information on frequencies and fares. Unfortunately it does contain a few errors. The 2008 leaflet can also be downloaded from the ATP website in pdf format, although it is nearly 6Mb so go and make a cup of tea. I have also saved the 2007 leaflet which is only 500kb.

Gozo Timetable leaflet
The detailed colour folder is apparently no longer produced by the ADT, but a simple A5 sheet listing the departures on each route can be obtained from the kiosk at Victoria Bus Station or from the nearby Tourist Information Office. Detailed timetables are on display on the front of the bus station kiosk.

News Websites

News of changes to bus routes and schedules can often be gleaned from the various Maltese news websites below. A search on the word 'route' generally brings up relevant articles.

Malta Independent Online
Times of Malta.com
For a full list of newspapers and news websites see Maltesering.com.

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